Our continuous research and innovation goals lead us to improve the quality and durability of our fabrics. Seeking a full sustainable process and understanding the real origins of the fibers is at the core of our business. The possibility to offer more and more organic and circular textiles is for us a priority.

Our textiles are finalized in the manufacturing of women’s clothing: dresses, shirts, trousers, coats, underwear and swimwear among others.

Overall our plain and jacquard fabrics are produced and manufactured in Italy. It is only when our clients need it that we also offer extra CEE printed fabrics.

Our printed fabrics can be generally categorized depending on the client needs:

Standard collections 

Created and designed every season to offer our customer ideas and references about the trends and prints coming. 

Standard Collections
Personalized fabrics

Personalized Fabrics 

These are “taylor made” for our clients after putting in common and understanding the diverse inspirations for the future collections.


These are all our best quality fabrics offered to our clients within the luxury fashion industry.

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